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Do you desire an ongoing living connection with God’s Word and want to build great friendship at the same time?
Then ‘The Box’ is for YOU!

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“The Box” our Diamonds Discipleship Tool opens up friendship around the Word of God. A host will facilitate a group of ladies including herself, together you will unpack uplifting messages based on the Word of God from Sue Owens book ‘Faith to Live by’, sharing insights you have received, along with prayer, communion and friendship. Before the lockdown each host would receive a box filled with encouragement, bible cards and beautiful gifts to share (for a cost of £4.20 per person). However during this lock-down period we have suspended the box of gifts (plus payment) as the groups are now meeting online, via Zoom or WhatsApp.  If you feel you can gather ladies together you can register your interest in becoming a host, alternatively you can get in touch and we will place you in a group. All each person needs to be part of a group is a copy of the book “Faith to Live by” https://destinyleadershipresources.com/product/faith-to-live-by/ For online groups we suggest a limit of 8-10 ladies within a group, but we can discuss this further when you get in touch.

It’s great to connect together, watch each other grow in the Word and grow in friendship!

If you have any questions please register your interest above or email: diamonds@destiny-church.com


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