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Diamonds is a women’s ministry which was initiated by Pastor Sue Owen in 1996? and has been encouraging women ever since through Diamonds Conferences and other activities.

It started with a picture. This picture was of a beautiful stunning diamond which was loaded with value and strength. Its raw state was full of potential but once buffed and polished it became a stunning reflection of beauty. However, it needed something more.

The picture progressed to a master jewellery maker, gathering other stones, again beautiful diamonds, different shapes and different sizes. The master maker was piecing them together, side by side. Creating the most beautiful necklace, exquisite in nature. Each piece needed the beauty and shape of the other to create strands of strength and sparkling beauty. Yet it’s one sole purpose was to be an ornament. It was unused and hidden in a black velvet bag.

The gems losing nothing of their individuality and value were next set into a crown, to be part of something royal, carrying weight, authority and opportunity. Now they would be set carefully alongside each other for purpose and influence to bring wisdom and (covering) to many. 

It’s our desire that the potential of women is recognised, nurtured and released.

You will also be [considered] a crown of glory and splendour in the hand of the Lord, And a royal diadem [exceedingly beautiful] in the hand of your God.
Isaiah 62:3 AMP

It is from this vision that the ministry of Diamonds was birthed. Women from all walks of life, some only just beginning in their walk and other that had been moulded by a life walking with their creator. Women joining together, standing side by side, reflecting each other’s strength beauty and sparkle. Its not about the one but its about the all, women knowing God and living out the life He gives together. Walking in authority, carrying weight and making the most of every opportunity in purpose and influence.

Welcome to Diamonds…


Our environment is casual and we simply want you to come as you are to our Weekend Gatherings. You don’t need to be put together to do life with us. If you’re on the fence at all, we want you to hear us say…JUST COME! We remind ourselves a lot around here that we are REAL people, with REAL problems and a REAL HOPE!


We love kids. If you are planning on bringing your children with you, we think that’s awesome. Taking care of your children & providing an amazing experience for them is one of our greatest values. You’ll want to give yourself a few extra minutes, especially if you’re a first time guest, to get your kids checked into their respective environments.
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Our Team

Kathy Nicholson

God's daughter | Wife | Spiritual & Natural mum | Believer in the Word | Passionate about others fulfilling their destiny

Sue Owen

Daughter | Sister | Wife | Mum | Nani |Lover of People | Follower of Jesus | Writer | Broadcaster

Fiona Schubert

Follower of Jesus | Wife to Johannes | Passionate Pastor | Faithful Friend | Avid Swimmer | Lover of Tea

Gina Witty

Passionate Believer | Wife | Mum | Friend | Advocate | Creative Thinker | Loves People | Laughs Often

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Address: 70 Cathedral Street, Glasgow,
G4 0RN, Scotland, UK
Phone: 0141 616 6777
Email: info@destinydiamonds.co.uk

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