It was our Heavenly Father who first said that it was not a good thing to be alone and we believe with all of our heart that He is still saying that same thing to us today. Whilst looking at a few definitions of the word ‘friendship ‘ recently I found this; ‘A friend is someone who neither leads nor follows but walks with you.’ Its a state of mutual trust and support around a close bond or association ‘and’ someone who takes up a position in your life purely for your best interest.’

Would you like to experience a brand new season of friendship anchored around the timeless Word of God?

2 Timothy 3:17 says that the Word of God will make you complete, proficient, well fitted and thoroughly equipped for every good work. Pastor Sue Owen and the Diamonds Ministry Team believe they have something straight from the Father’s heart, just for you and it’s called ‘THE BOX ‘ based around Pastor Sue’s book ‘Faith To Live By’ this is a discipleship tool for growing friendship around the Word of God.

Each monthly box delivered straight to your door, will be full of beautifully designed scripture based gifts for each lady to take home, all based on that months reflection from ‘Faith To Live By ‘. Each box will have 6 of each of the gifts. Simply choose a ‘ host lady ‘ to receive The Box and help co ordinate where and when you will meet monthly and gather 6 ladies who would like to receive the gifts from the box and participate in the reflection study of Pastor Sue’s book. (To get the most out of these studies each lady is encouraged to buy their own personal copy of the book.)

By coming together for these Box moments (approximately 90 mins each) you can potentially say goodbye to ever being alone again.

With your gifts displayed around your home and even wearing some (!) you can feel connected, inspired and encouraged until you meet up again for prayer, friendship and to hear what God has been saying and doing in the lives of your new friends.

Let’s embrace this new season together and hold hands with God and with each other.

Kathy Nicholson

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