This Faith
by Mel Kerr

A faith convinced that God is there
He turns His ear to every whispered prayer
And I – his name and nature bear
This faith is mine

A faith that fills my heart with song
And celebrates that I to Him belong
That in my weakness He is strong
This faith is mine

A faith that laughs at trying days
That thumbs the nose at come-what-mays
And in the battle always, always stays
This faith is mine

A faith that anchors in the storm
That sings for joy amid the locust swarm
That surrenders to God’s Spirit to transform
This faith is mine

A faith that lays before God’s mighty throne
All crowns and works of great renown
Content to ever be my Saviour’s own
This faith is mine

In all my scenes that play across life’s stage
The narrative God writes upon the page
With life in light and shadow I engage
This faith is mine

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