Is God your authority?
by Pastor Sue Owen

“Look to me and be saved, all the ends of the earth!”
Isaiah 45:22

“Saved from what?” you may ask. Everyone and everything things that tries to dominate you into believing that their ways, beliefs and passions are more powerful. Christmas is wonderful – Jesus came as the child king who would rule forever! Thank God He came to show us the way…many friends, relatives and neighbours will also be coming to visit with their version of the journey. They’re often going to Tarot readers and fortune tellers. I’m so grateful I know Him and that I can follow with a strong confidence and with this real and deep seated trust! He always was and always will be the light of the world to lead us! Jesus came as Saviour and He’s been saving souls ever since.

I believe we’re in revival! Between January and October 2019 there were over 1200 people saying yes to Jesus’ offer of salvation, and more than 1400 decisions have been made from October to December within the global family of the Destiny network. I surrendered to Jesus at school as a teenager – our aunt (96) gave her life to Jesus praying with me on my TBN “Pray Together” programme two years ago, and at 98 she loves Him with a passion today – He is her best friend. Be sure “This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners of whom I am chief.” 1 Timothy 1:15

Whether you party with a group, eat with family or meet up with your buddy – let them know you love Him and have entrusted your whole life to His authority – they are more than likely lost and fearful of where they’re going to end up. Many seek guidance from a different source. Invite them to come with you! 

I needed a Saviour to secure my eternity, I needed a Lord who would lead me today. So I asked Him out loud! 

Dear friends be ready to tell them about beautiful Jesus – invite them to join you in following Him and pray the salvation prayer with them. Give them time to speak out these words with you. You can use this prayer if it helps… 

Father God I thank you…that Jesus gave His life…He died and shed His blood…to bring salvation…He gives forgiveness…to all who receive Him…and believe in Him…I am sorry for my sin…and admit my need of a Saviour…I confess with my mouth…that Jesus is Lord…and believe in my heart…that God raised Him from the dead…I thank you that you hear me…when I pray in Jesus Name…I am your child…I am born again today! 

Thank you Lord. Amen. 

I was lost but now I’m found, I was brought from darkness into the light by my beautiful Saviour Jesus and He’s continually leading me forward. This is a journey built on relationship not a school course to tick boxes in order to pass. Psalm 119:2 says: “Blessed are those who keep (guard like a monument, watch, preserve and obey) His testimonies, who seek Him with the whole heart.” That includes our feelings, will and intellect. When we’re growing in belief and allowing Him to lead us it involves our daily conversations and community. I’m praying we do not abandon our decision to follow as if it hinges on one prayer that was prayed on one day and said in the past. Every day let’s allow Him to lead us with authority. Every day may we invite and be open for His guidance with our whole heart. We are welcomed with love and taken on step by step. 

Be blessed, secure and bold this Christmas season.. praying with you for your family and friends. I love you, and remember you when I break bread and I pray for you! May God’s grace and mercy keep you in His love and His authoritative care for the unique and wonderful journey He has planned for you!

With much love 

Sue xx

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