Order Brings Peace by Jacqui Mackintosh 

Order brings peace.

We flourish when our lives are ordered because order can positively impact a great deal of what we do.  Our thinking is clearer and our effectiveness increased.  An ordered life can release us to balance and enjoy everything and everyone.

From the school run; our calendars; the workplace and our finances; to running a home; discipling others or leading a team, order brings release which results in a peaceful approach to our busy lives, removing unnecessary distractions.

Our God is a God of order.  We see it in the 7 days of creation; the great attention to detail given in the building of the tabernacle and, later, the temple.  We see it again in the New Testament with Jesus bringing order for the working of a miracle in the feeding of the 5,000 when the multitude was divided into groups of appropriate size (Mark 6:39-40) and in the church, where Ephesians 4 ministries and local leaders play their part in bringing shape and clarity to the early church.

Getting organised is a strong foundation for an ordered life but sometimes we just don’t know where to start.  We put off facing what we perceive as a daunting task, however, it doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

The Holy Spirit is with us to guide and strengthen and He knows the areas in which we need help the most.  He will provide us with the wisdom and motivation we need.

There are also some practical steps we can take in getting organised.

Making a conscious effort to carve out quality time to think through what is required is a significant first step.  Investing that initial time really does save precious time in the long-term.

We all know the old adage, ‘plan your work and work your plan’.  Planning and preparation are key… even in the smallest plans.

The plans of the diligent lead surely to advantage, But everyone who is hasty comes surely to poverty (Proverbs 21:5 NASB)   

Creating a system that works for you will result in effectiveness for you.  We are more likely to be committed to what we have put in place when we see it working.

Implementing structure enables us to stay focused and on track.
Setting goals and timelines in advance can provide clarity not only to us but also to those with whom we are communicating.
And, regularly maintaining and reviewing what we have put in place ensures consistency and stability.

All of this creates space in our lives and the downstream impact is that it also creates space for those around us: those we love, we’re working with, leading, serving with and serving.  There is also a sense of well-being and trust when we know things are being run well.

Getting organised doesn’t mean there is a rigidity that stifles change or creativity.  It goes without saying there should always be fluidity and re-evaluation as things evolve.

Ladies, we’re all different and I appreciate that what I am about to say is not the norm but I must admit that I thoroughly enjoy spending time tidying out a drawer or a cupboard!  (I did tell my husband this before we got married and he was still happy to go ahead with the wedding!).  The reason I mention this is that some of us enjoy getting organised more than others. For some it might feel like a bit of a chore but it doesn’t have to: keeping it simple and taking small steps to make change is the start to a very positive way forward.

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