The vision is clear, the stage is set and everything is in place. This is our next level.

There is a place for everyone to draw from the river that’s flowing, there is no limitation when we come to the presence of God with hearts that are ready to engage with him and to journey together.

The picture is vivid (see Pastor Sue’s book: Is God There? You Bet!, pg. 113-121), and now the invitation is being extended to all. This is a clarion call to all who would allow the Holy Spirit fashion them into Warriors as He establishes His purpose among us as Diamonds.

This is to you, that “stunning, unique and priceless gem”; yet standing alone as “an isolated Jewel”. Come let’s journey together.
There’s no need to continue with the thoughts and feeling that no one sees you or cares about you. You are not alone, you are part of God’s big picture.
It is the season to connect as you take your place as a warrior, unique in your own way.
Your voice can make a difference despite being alone.

Are you the pearl that has been given the privilege to engage with a team and loving the grace given to you to serve in such capacity?
This call is also for you as you connect with the vision, let’s journey together.
Walking with love and understanding within the team, and taking your unique place as a warrior, you can create an atmosphere for the Spirit of God and declare that His purpose should stand.

Finally, to all who is among “the cluster of Diamonds being put together, and faithfully serving God as part of the general congregation of Diamonds”; you are giving yourself to the course of the Lord to make his glory known as your serve. Let’s journey together.
We all have a unique position and connection that should be maintained.

This is a call to everyone whose heart is being stirred to step into the unique position as a Warrior to journey with us as we take our place with dignity. We are ready to allow our faithful Father make us trusted warriors in His hands. We want to journey together with the help of the Holy Spirit, we want to pull together: eye to eye, heart to heart, face to face and hand in hand as we use this forum.

Welcome on board!
Augustina Uwadiae.

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