by Augustina Uwadiae

If you have ever been discipled in an area of gifting, you will know that the experience is like someone walking along side you with a flash light showing you the way as you navigate a dark path which they have gone through before.

I had a remarkable experience when I started my career change. Going back to active studies in a new field was not easy and with time, the excitement died down as the weight of the work came upon me amidst family life and other commitments.

 Feeling down and almost giving up, I was desperate for help and the Lord graciously led me to a lady who was doing her PHD and was also active in ministry and supporting her family too. Eager to learn and needing mentorship, I gave her a call and explained to her what I was going through and told her the Holy Spirit directed me to contact her.

She received it very well and this took us into a journey of discipleship. As the disciple maker, she taught me how to apply the   principles that she had used in achieving her success and I had to give feedback on how I was doing and asked questions when I needed to.

 I received so much help and encouragement from her, but most of all, we built relationship and got the desired result. I finished my HND program with an award of excellence winning the Johnston Carmichael Award for Excellence in HND Accounting at North East Scotland College. Fraserburgh. 2016/17. All praise to God for people who are willing to give when they find someone hungry to receive.

Discipleship brings a lot of benefits. When you disciple someone, you help them get strength, insight, direction, support and confidence in the area being harnessed and the one being discipled gets clarity, stability, help and their potential in that area is realised and their capability enlarged.

In this season, women are hungry to be discipled “into Christ.” Maybe you are one with sure hunger, why not join the train by signing up to be discipled. Or, maybe you think you can help lift another woman up by discipling them, please come on board.

There’s enough room for us to build each other up into Christ.

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